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We're excited to work with forward-thinking companies to develop their brands and grow their businesses. We create compelling, meaningful experiences for their clients and audiences.

We listen. We care. We're available.
Whether you are redesigning your website, building a product line or launching a new business for the first time, we can help you. We will work with you to convey your message and explain your brand in a way that engages your audience and authentically represents what you do, who you are and what you care about.

We work with our clients hand in hand to lift them up into global brands. Most of our clients are established businesses who are hungry for change or have unmet goals. Our Strategy and UX services include both study of the company's existing business as well as a deep understanding of their immediate and long-term goals. Hence our strategy involves a holistic view of the entire picture of the business and then building brands that authentically connect with audiences and resonate deeply with the clients themselves. In this process, we ignite passion into our clients and reinvent businesses, often helping our clients to identify areas of improvement and offer immediate suggestions for greater productivity and customer engagement.

Elf Productions
Elf Productions
Elf Productions
Based in Washington D.C., the Efiia Group is a management consulting company that works directly with the federal government, driving innovation on a large scale. We have been working with the Efiia Group since February of 2011, delivering design and strategy solutions for their presentations, print, web and mobile content. Through this collaboration, we have been fortunate to create content for Apple Computers Inc. for both private and public distribution on a large scale. We have also recently begun working on redesigning the Efiia website since July 2012.

Elf Productions
Books On The Go is a book review website designed for the mobile consumer. We offer a tailored selection of crisp, relevant reviews of books with attractive visuals and engaging content. Books on the Go is in beta and will be available for public access by the end of 2013.

Elf Productions
Elf Productions
This Is Green empowers consumers to make smart, healthy choices in their purchasing power. This Is Green is both our client and our partner. We have worked with This Is Green to provide unbiased reviews on consumer products, creating and managing all editorial content. In 2009, we teamed up to redesign the website and build our first iPhone app together.

Our This Is Green iPhone app offers consumers information on making healthy choices for you and your home. We are now partnering to build up our next app with more tailored information and a rich user experience.

Elf Productions
GetFitApps is our brand of healthy lifestyle apps. In early 2009, we developed the concept for the first app for this series iGetFit Pro to offer workouts and healthy eating and lifestyle tips for people on the go. Elf Productions brought together a custom team to deliver the app content including a veteran and certified personal fitness trainer, Michele Vaughan of the Balance Workout in Marin county, San Francisco and a photography and videography crew. Elf Productions further developed the content working with over 10 fitness instructors across the country to review the content via a substantial revision process. Subsequently, Elf Productions designed the mobile UI and website and grew a Facebook community online.

iGetFit Pro is still in development and will be available to the public in 2013.

Elf Productions
Lifestyle Occupational Therapy (LOT) grew out of the work that our client Dave Grover, a licensed occupational therapist, had been doing for over a decade. Elf Productions worked extensively with Dave Grover to develop his business strategy so that LOT could reach new audiences and expand new services. We redesigned his existing website with entirely new content and created a look and feel that mirrored Dave's approach and outlook.

Elf Productions
Elf Productions
Since early February of 2012, we have been redesigning our brand. Six months prior, we began extensive work on defining our business model and how we wanted to grow as a company sustainably for the future. We have also been working daily with a wide spectrum of clients and this hands-on experience has now been translated into our business, website and advertising efforts.
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