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Engaging and well-articulated content powers user experience, which in turn, drives consumer engagement. We strategize with clients to provide content that most effectively conveys their message via integrated solutions that reach audiences across multiple touch points.

Branding Strategy
Our multi-disciplinary approach inspires companies and individuals to develop and enhance their branding strategy. Brand engagement today involves the convergence of technology and user experience in numerous ways. We assist clients in reaching customers through meaningful engagement.

We will assist you in bringing your brand vision alive with integrity and the capacity to grow.

“Story design” is a term coined by the famous screenwriting teacher Robert McKee pertaining to the craft of storytelling. At Elf Productions, our story design is the conscious creation of content that will inspire and delight audiences.

Compelling Content
Compelling content drives organic search results, leading to increased targeted traffic. We anticipate customer needs and develop loyalty by ensuring brand consistency through emotional connection and fit. We have managed and worked with global teams to facilitate a beautiful and functional user experience. We have initiated and developed cross promotions with related companies to leverage and grow networks.

We have created, strategized and marketed content for books, magazines, websites, mobile apps and videos. We create content for both business and consumer audiences. Principal industries include technology, retail, higher education, health, environmental services, design, art, architecture and construction. Clients range from small businesses coming to us for branding solutions and to develop their web and print collateral to large projects for e-commerce and technology giants, multimedia companies, universities and publishing houses. We have also worked with individual authors and artists to promote their comprehensive, individual projects. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional, compelling content.
Elf Productions
Groundlink: Reinvent Brand

Groundlink's goal is simple: To become the number one car services company in the world. To do this, Groundlink has been extensively redesigning their website and related websites, including launching new sites per city.

Elf Productions has been working with Groundlink since February of 2012 to engage new and existing audiences, creating content for their various city subdomains and related websites. Two city subdomains have been launched - Los Angeles and San Francisco. The third site, New York City, is in development currently.

Content development includes strategy and creating content that engages audiences in a compelling and authentic way true to Groundlink's brand and goals.

Los Angeles

San Francisco
Elf Productions
Geoscape: Brand Dominance

Jan Manon, Elf Productions worked closely with John Shippy, founder of Geoscape to position the company as a full design/build firm in the southern California region and reach new audiences. These pieces reflect John's appreciation and knowledge in designing exquisite indoor and outdoor spaces to create intimate spaces that visitors wish to linger in.
Elf Productions
Elf Productions

Small Businesses: Grow Brand
Elf Productions has created web, mobile and print content for over 100+ small business e-commerce and portfolio websites. We have worked closely with clients to reinvent their brand image and develop content to reach and engage new audiences.


This client project involved creating a whitepaper presentation to be distributed to Milliman's client base. The goal of this project was to engage new audiences, experiment with mobile technology (iPad) and differentiate from the Milliman brand.

Travel website

This client project involved creating web and mobile content for a proprietary app and website in development. The audience primarily consisted of expatriates from the United States and United Kingdom who were relocating to the Netherlands. Content development included creative writing that would educate audiences while also introducing some Dutch vernacular and engaging audiences to connect for further information.

Kick back and enjoy rijsttafel (Dutch version of Indonesian food) or bitterballen (fried croquettes with potato or meat ragu) with a local beer in a brown cafe that is oh so gezellig.

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