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Visual thinking prompted us to develop Books on the Go, a book review website designed to enhance your exploration and interest in books. Today's consumer is mobile and on the go. Hence having information at your fingertips that is readily accessible, engaging and in an easily digestible format can make all the difference.

Our goal in designing Books on the Go is to enhance your reading experience, filling the gap that exists between the convenience of a digital, mobile lifestyle and the opportunity to access the wealth of knowledge in the literary world.

Books on the Go matches up people with the writing they love and aids them in discovering new authors and books. Books on the Go also enables authors to have authentic engagement with audiences in new ways through a more engaging and accessible user interface. Enjoy reading book reviews while drinking a cup of coffee.

Books On the Go is a book review website designed for the mobile consumer. We offer a tailored selection of crisp, relevant reviews of books with attractive visuals and engaging content. Books on the Go is in beta and will be available for public access by the January. Find out more at

Conversations with Thought Leaders
Books open up a world of possibilities. They spark your curiosity and enable you to learn new things, delve into new territory and connect with anyone about anything.

At Books On the Go, we're excited to share with you conversations we've had with leaders across a wide span of industries and cross-disciplinary interests. They share their insight freely and generously. These ideas or seeds may inspire you in different ways or open your mind to new and unprecedented paths. Sometimes, it is just a sentence or phrase that can unlock the potential within.

We hope you gain inspiration from these interviews and we'd love to hear what you think. Drop us a line at or tweet us at Books_OnTheGo.
Spearheading our new category on design thinking is Arne van Oosteroom, the CEO of DesignThinkers Group and the founder of the Design Thinking Network, connecting design thinkers from all over the globe. Below is a quick excerpt from our interview with Arne this summer. Soon we will have the whole interview available at Books On the Go.
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Arne van Oosterom, Design Thinking
Jan Manon: What does design thinking mean to you?

Arne Van Oosteroom: "On a personal level, design thinking to me means freedom. It is the ability to question everything and to connect gut feeling with the rational brain.

Design thinking is a mindset, a way of approaching things differently. From a business perspective, design thinking enables you to think and act creatively and unleash your ability for creative problem-solving. Essentially it empowers you and everyone within the company to experiment, invent and innovate.

Personally Design thinking allows me to create a balance in my company and live, to do stuff that I really like, dig deeper, create real value and to reach my most important goal, to be happy."
We believe that it's not only the great story that takes you away, but it's the experience of reading itself.

What do you read? Where? When? How? Why? We'd love to know.

What do you love about your reading experience? Is it the feel of the book itself? Or are you hankering to read a beloved author? Do you enjoy reading on mobile devices like tablets and e-readers?

Books On The Go is the mobile reader's best friend - a community of mobile readers just like you who love reading and exchanging their ideas!

We invite you to share your thoughts with us at Our website is in development and at the end we'll have a live site with a tailored selection of books in the current consciousness to share with you.

In the meantime, please check out our community online at
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