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We are passionate about books and draw upon our expertise in developing content for over 100+ websites and 120+ books as of 2012. Our clients range from individual authors pitching books to mainstream publishers (Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Lark Books and others) and self-publishing via print-on-demand (POD) publishers to small business companies developing print or web campaigns. We assist clients in marketing and deploying their publications in online storefronts such as Amazon, Apple, Google and mobile App stores.

Digital Publishing

The exploding popularity of mobile devices and tablets has literally transformed the publishing industry, offering traditional book, magazine and newspaper publishers exciting opportunities to showcase content in interactive and highly engaging ways. For the first time, dynamic and interactive visual content with the written word drives publishing.

We unite conceptualization, strategic planning, technical, writing and visual design competencies to provide customized solutions for all of our clients. We have assisted clients from developing their ideas to delivery of final products. We take a holistic approach to develop publishing solutions that reach customers across as many touch points, mobile devices and online storefronts as possible.

We are solutions-oriented and provide analysis insight so that our small business clients can reach their core demographic audiences. Savvy to changing markets, we assist clients in refining their message, focusing their marketing efforts and leveraging their resources to target audiences. Some of our clients collaborate directly with Fortune 100 companies and we provide consulting and strategy services for these partnerships.

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Elf Productions
Elf Productions
I have worked with others, but none better. Jan (Elf Productions) brings a sense of joy to the project that reflects in the work. It is a pleasure to watch her grow with the work. As we go further into the project, she brings a sense of vitality that adds tremendous value. Thanks Jan.
- Steve Gittelman, CEO, Marketing Inc, Historical biographies on Vanderbilt family

Elf Productions worked with Steve Gittelman of the Vanderbilt Museum in Long Island to write and edit two historical biographies of Vanderbilt scions, Alfred Vanderbilt Jr. and William K. Vanderbilt Jr. This intensive project spanned a period of 18 months and included extensive research from historical archives, museum collections as well as trips to the National Archives in Manhattan, New York and meeting with equestrian coaching experts such as Norman Brown of Wales.

Steve Gittelman's love and research of the Vanderbilt family spans several decades and his knowledge is both extensive and profound. Jan Manon was drawn to working on the biography of Alfred Vanderbilt due to the epic nature of the tale. The unexpected heir to the Vanderbilt fortune, Alfred was passionate about thoroughbreds and Arabian grays in particular. He competed and acted as a judge in many competitions both at home and in Europe, reviving the sport through his active participation. However, his greatest moment in history was not the Vanderbilt fortune he inherited nor the sports he participated in. It lay in his act of courage during the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 when he chose to rescue babies, children and women instead of saving his own life. Alfred did not know how to swim and bravely gave up his right of passage, insisting on saving every last passenger that he could.

Jan enjoyed working on this project and poured a lot of time and effort into writing this book. Subsequently, Jan worked again with Steve to edit his second book on William K. Vanderbilt Jr., Alfred's cousin and the previous owner of the residence that is now the Vanderbilt Museum in Long Island. This biography has been published and is now available for purchase by McFarland & Co.
William K. Vanderbilt Jr (2009)
Elf Productions
Excellent work. Terrific!
David Billeter, Intercontinental Hotels

Jan Manon, Elf Productions has been working closely with David Billeter, VP of Information Security at the Intercontinental Hotels Group to develop a comprehensive guide on information security for senior personnel in charge of managing information assets for global brands and companies.

This large project includes extensive research, writing, editing, design, layout and marketing of the book for both print publication as well as distribution to online storefronts.
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